Pic And Roll: Kawhi Leonard Is A Jedi And Robert Sarver Is A Cranky Old Man

01.09.16 4 years ago

Kawhi Leonard is a superstar! Robert Sarver is a cranky old man too afraid to take responsibility for his own shortcomings. Deron Williams is kind of a thing again! Pic and Roll time!

Kawhi Leonard Is A (Death) Star

It’s time we give the Spurs’ star his due: he’s a bonafide, clear-cut superstar, in the same echelon as Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and LeBron James. He doesn’t have the flash of those other players, and he probably never will. But flash can be overrated; sometimes, it’s even used to mask a dearth of substance. Leonard is nothing but substance.

He passes every test — from the eyes to the numbers — with flying colors. He’s an elite defender, probably even better than he was last year when he won the Defensive Player of the Year award for basically a half season of dominance. The Spurs have timed his progression on offense perfectly, and now he’s at the point where it’s hard to discover any noticeable shortcomings in his offensive repertoire.

He can handle the rock, back his opponent down, run the offense, and put the ball in the bucket with the best of them.

There are no holes in Leonard’s game. There aren’t even little divots or cracks. His game is one flat, smooth surface, impenetrable and lethal. He is one of the last basketball Jedi’s and The Force is strong in him.

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