Pic And Roll: LeBron James Has More Money Than You And Al Jefferson Succumbs To ‘Reefer Madness’

LeBron James has more money than Daddy Warbucks, Scrooge McDuck, Richie Rich, or any other fictional character! Sam Hinkie’s tank gets derailed – kind of! The Denver Nuggets tried and failed miserably to have Jewish Heritage Night! It’s time for the Pic and Roll!

LeBron James Has More Money Than You. And You. And You.

LeBron has always had aspirations far beyond being just the world’s best basketball player. He’s made no secret of the fact that he wants to be the first billionaire athlete, and with Nike signing him to a lifetime contract reportedly worth $500 million, he’s well on his way to accomplishing that goal. Really, given how much LeBron has already earned through playing contracts, endorsements and investments, it’s always been a matter of “when” not “if” for LeBron reaching the billionaire mark.

Details are still surfacing regarding LeBron’s deal, but we here at Dime have obtained an exclusive image of what LeBron did shortly after signing the lifetime deal.

Big Al Jefferson Succumbs To Reefer Madness

Al Jefferson was suspended for five games for smoking weed, which is preposterous. Yes, it’s against the NBA’s policy, but seriously, when weed is legal in four states with more to come, it’s time for the NBA to adjust their drug policy. Their policies aren’t the worst of the major sports – what’s up, NFL? – but they’re antiquated nonetheless.

It’s not a performance-enhancing drug, and it’s not the demon drug people made it out to be back in the 1950s. It’s basically alcohol at this point — except when you’re stoned you’re not going to pick a fight at the bar — and the NBA isn’t fining guys for having a beer? If the league wants to continue to make it a banned substance, that’s fine and totally within their right, but couldn’t they just fine them, rather than suspend them? It just doesn’t make sense, not in this day and age.

Sam Hinkie Gets A New Brother

This season the Philadelphia 76ers general manager and tank overlord’s plan was rolling along without a hitch – well, except for that one pesky win, but hey, can’t lose ’em all. But Sixers ownership was getting antsy. The losses were piling up, the team was putrid, and Jahlil Okafor had a few unfortunate run-ins with some Massholes. So, with the help of NBA commissioner Adam Silver, they brought in Jerry Colangelo, formerly of Team USA and the Phoenix Suns.

What all does this mean? Are the Sixers days of tanking over? Has Sam Hinkie effectively been neutered? Well, first, it’s not as if the Sixers can exactly stop the tank, not when it’s so powerful. The team is awful, and there’s no trade they can conduct that would make them noticeably better. For better or for worse, whether Colangelo wants to or not, they’re locked into tanking for at least this season. After that, who can say? For as much derision as he gets, Hinkie’s done a good job of collecting assets, whether it’s in the form of players or picks. If lady luck fails to smile on him for the third time in a row during the draft, though, Colangelo may get ahold of the reins. For now, the two need to learn how to play along.

Oy Vey, Denver

The NBA is full of gimmicky nights: Kids Night, Star Wars Night, Noche Latina, the list goes on. Some of these are fun. Some of them are dreadful. Jewish Heritage Night falls in the latter category.

Interesting things happen before Nuggets games

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First off, there’s absolutely no reason for Jewish Heritage Night to be held around Hanukkah, because it’s one of the least important holidays in the religion. Second, if you’re going to celebrate Jewish heritage, maybe, I don’t know, have the celebration during the game, not 45 minutes before the game and then never mention it again. Third, just…just don’t do this. Please.

Shot of the week: Mirza Teletovic’s Falling-Away Game-Winner Against The Bulls

Normally, this would be the spot for line of the week, but we’re tabling that for the week to give special mention to Teletovic’s insane game-winner.


The balance, awareness, skill and luck needed to make a shot of that difficulty, in that situation, is just absurd. Teletovic has been a terrific pick up for the Suns thus far, providing the size and spacing the Suns need to make their high-octane attack effective. This shot is just a continuation of what he’s already doing for the squad.