Someone Called The Police After A Hard Screen In A Pickup Basketball Game


Pickup basketball games at the local gym can often pit players of very differing skill, size, and competition levels against each other, creating some awkward and potentially dangerous moments.

That said, there should be a general understanding that when playing basketball you might get fouled and might get fouled hard. Those fouls can lead to scuffles and jawing, but rarely much more, given that fouls are a part of the game. However, a recent game in which a hard screen occurred led to the police being called in Virginia.

This tweet went viral as it is pretty hysterical that the cops got called due to some physicality in a pickup basketball game, but the details of the incident and the video taken of everyone at the gym reacting are even better. As he explains, the guy ran into a hard screen and fell to the floor, before threatening to go to the front desk and call the cops, which no one believed but is actually what happened.

The video even features an interview with the cop who couldn’t believe he got called to the gym because of a foul, as he thought it was over a fight until he arrived.

The guy that called the cops will definitely never be allowed to play with any of the guys on the court (or likely at this gym) ever again because he called the police on a guy for setting a screen. Everyone else’s time was wasted, but at least they got quite the story to tell as it is a spectacular moment in pickup basketball history.