Pizza Hut’s Best Delivery During The 2018 NCAA Tournament May Be Its Pie Tops II

Pizza Hut

People who enjoy chain pizzas at an affordable price, sneakers, and college basketball received some tremendous news during the 2017 NCAA Tournament, when Pizza Hut announced that it would release a pair of kicks called the Pie Tops. Fast forward 12 months and those same fans are going to be really happy during the 2018 edition of March Madness.

That’s because Pizza Hut is going to drop the Pie Tops II, which feature some improvements on last year’s sneakers. Here’s how this year’s Pie Tops release will look, and in a sentence that I swear is meant to be a compliment, Pizza Hut really strived to make these look unique.

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

The kicks, which were designed by The Shoe Surgeon, come in two colorways: red and wheat. Both are a little too vibrant for my tastes, but if you expected Pizza Hut to make shoes that look, for lack of a non-pizza term, cheesy, these might exceed your expectations.

While last year’s sneakers were far more clean — they were white with a strap and a red splash on them — these are a little more vibrant. The splash, described in a release as an “extreme marinara splash,” is back and a little more pronounced. They have mesh on the side meant to look like a cheese grater, along with a whole bunch of branded details, just in case you forgot these were made by Pizza Hut.

These also include some unique features that we can safely say are unique to Pie Tops. Like last year’s sneakers, you can use these to order pizza. You can also press a button which will pause live television, because nothing is worse than walking to your front door to grab a pizza and missing, like, two possessions. Oh, and if you want to cop a pair, Pizza Hut is making 50 pairs available for purchase during the week of March 19.