P.J. Tucker Revealed The Least Comfortable Sneaker He’s Worn During A Game

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Basketball, more so than any other sport, exists in such a way that it lends itself to debate. No matter the subject, hoops fans can usually find a counterpoint to any point raised by someone else who loves basketball. But if there is one subject that is beyond debate, it’s that Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker is the NBA’s undisputed king of sneakers.

Tucker is known for rocking the craziest collection of kicks in the league, even wearing a pair of Jordans during a game earlier this year that cost more than $13,000. While there were plenty of reasons to watch the Rockets all season long — whether it be the MVP-caliber season we saw out of James Harden or the development of Clint Capela into one of the league’s most dangerous young big men — Tucker’s footwear game was right at the top of the list.

Complex spoke to Tucker about his sneaker game and asked him about the most uncomfortable kicks he has worn? Tucker said it was an easy answer before going off about a pair of Jordans that he really disliked.

“Easily the Kaws IV,” Tucker said. “The Kaws IV is terrible. That’s a bad hoop shoe. That suede rubs against your feet. I had to triple my socks. The leather on the inside is a no-go.”

Thanks to Twitter, we know when Tucker wore these sneakers. It happened last season during his time in Toronto.

Tucker had eight points and seven rebounds in 27 minutes during that game. That means he put forth a pretty solid performance in a win despite wearing triple socks and sneakers that had leather on the inside, so shout out to Tucker for that. It’s not playing after getting three root canals, but it’s not too shabby.

(Via Complex)