Point 3 Basketball Gives New Life to Iconic West Philly Court

There’s a special place tucked away in the backstreets of West Philadelphia that isn’t well known to outsiders, but means the world to the neighborhood and the city’s basketball community. The Pit is a sunken basketball court off of the corner of 51st and Funston, that plays host to the highly-regarding Pit summer league as well as consistent pickup ball, and has been the site of many BBQs and neighborhood parties over the years. It is a vital piece of this great community.

The court though, has fallen into disrepair in recent years, as you can see from these shots I took a few months ago during a visit.

As summer – and the start of the Pit summer league – drew near, someone needed to save the court. Thankfully, performance apparel brand Point 3 Basketball recognized the need and stepped up in a very big way. Going into their own pockets, the young brand refurbished the playground, providing new rims, nets, landscaping and a full re-painting of the court.

The new-look Pit was unveiled yesterday at a media event attended by Rockets PG and Philly native Kyle Lowry and several West Philadelphia Community Leaders.

Check out these photos from yesterday’s event:

“The Pit in West Philly is truly the heart of the game,” said Michael Luscher, Founder & CEO of POINT 3 Basketball. “We are excited to support the efforts of the talented and committed team who organize The Pit, and provide a better place to play ball for a community who clearly loves the game.”

The Pit 2012 Basketball League starts on June 17th with games played every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. All participants in The Pit Basketball League will wear POINT 3 basketball gear during games and have a chance to experience the apparel company’s proprietary DRYV® Moisture Control, designed to keep ballplayers dry on the court even in Philly’s summer heat.

The Pit is also sponsored by Fam Juice, a new line of refrigerated juice drinks introduced this summer by Kyle Lowry.

Go here more info on POINT 3 Basketball.

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