Point 3 Basketball Shorts: Never Suffer Sweaty Hands Again

12.16.13 5 years ago

These might be the world’s best basketball shorts, and certainly the most innovative, from a practicality standpoint. Point 3 Basketball has unveiled proprietary DRYV Moisture Control side panels on their new shorts, which removes moisture on your hands when you’re playing. The Point 3 Basketball Shorts actually keep your hands from getting slippery when you’re on the court. If sweaty palms was your biggest excuse every time you turn the ball over, you’re out of luck when you’re wearing these.

Aside from the DRYV side panels, the Point 3 Basketball Shorts are also super lightweight, with 4-way stretch fabric that allow the shorts to move in unison with your body, and ventilated heat zones were players sweat the most. But the side panels on the Point 3’s shorts seperate them from any competitor in the basketball short game. Why wear a pair of ragged mesh when you get a hand-drying capability included on your shorts? The best part about them is they actually work.

Deemed the “World’s Best Basketball Shorts,” Point 3 Basketball Shorts are available in youth, kid’s, and men’s sizes, but if you can’t play, they can’t change your skills. Then again, if you’re a serious basketball player, or know someone that is, it’s the perfect holiday gift.

[Point 3 Basketball Shorts]

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