Bands In Portland Are Playing In A Basketball Tourney Using A Hoop Attached To A Tour Van

07.29.17 2 years ago

In large part thanks to the popularity of the humorously absurdist television series Portlandia, Portland, Oregon has become the stereotypical ground zero for hipster culture. The jokes often write themselves, with the city’s plethora of bearded men, craft beer locations, flannel and other popular hipster tendencies.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear that for the last seven years, there’s been a 32-team summer basketball tournament that plays on a ten-foot regulation-sized hoop attached to the actual tour van of the Portland-based rock and rollers And And And.

The tournament is called Rigsketball and has been part of the local annual music festival PDX Pop Now, for the last six years. All of the teams that compete in Rigsketball are local bands and while the winning team receives a trophy, bragging rights are mainly on the line.

The brainchild behind Rigsketball is And And And’s drummer Bim Ditson, who started the tournament shortly after buying a hoop at a local Goodwill. One of Ditson’s band mates convinced him to put the hoop on their van, which was somewhat easy to do since cargo vans have roll top bars. Before shows or after practice sessions, the band would shoot around and play some pickup. Other bands began to challenge them at shows and thus Rigsketball was born.

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