The Trail Blazers’ Twitter Account Was In Awe Of Golden State’s Insane First Quarter

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The Golden State Warriors completely dominated the Portland Trail Blazers in the first quarter of Game 4 of their Western Conference Quarterfinal series. The Warriors led 45-22 at the end of the quarter. This does not fully illustrate how dominant the team was – they opened the game on a 14-0 run and 43-16 at one point. It was completely ludicrous.

The folks behind the Blazers’ Twitter account could only sit there in awe as Golden State unleashed an offensive onslaught on their team. They decided to use emojis to convey their thoughts as the Dubs raced out to a massive lead early on.

When Portland finally scored, the Twitter account exploded.

Maybe the saddest tweet came when the Blazers’ Twitter appeared to be looking for happiness wherever it could. For example, there were the cool red lights that illuminated the stadium before the tip!

At the end of the quarter, those behind the Twitter got to the final stage of the Kübler-Ross model: acceptance. While conveying the score to their online audience, the Blazers took a page right out of the Space Jam playbook.

The Blazers made a similar joke at halftime.

Meanwhile, this is what the Warriors’ Twitter account looked like while all of this was going down.

There were a bunch of other tweets – including one which had a video of all eight threes that the team hit in the first quarter – but none of them were nearly as good as Kevin Durant‘s head on the Night’s King at Hardhome.

Still, no matter how good the Durant tweet was, we’ll give the virtual win to the Blazers’ Twitter account for the game’s first 12 minutes. We’ll revisit this if Portland somehow manages to come back and steal this one from the Warriors, because if their Twitter was this silly while the team was getting blown out, imagine what it’ll look like if the team comes back from being down by nearly 30 points in the first quarter.