These Are Some Incredibly Fun NBA Trades We Wish Would Happen

and 07.12.17 8 months ago 4 Comments

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We’re essentially at the end of the NBA’s free agency period. Sure, there are still a few more players who need to find homes, but with free agency reaching its end and the Summer League wrapping up on July 17, we’re about to enter the quietest part of the NBA’s offseason.

Well, it doesn’t really have to be quiet. The trade market looks like it could end up being pretty robust over the next few months — Carmelo Anthony hasn’t gone anywhere yet, the Cavaliers haven’t done anything to move closer to the Warriors, and plenty of teams look like they may want to get younger or hoard assets with an eye on the future.

This got us wondering, what are some trades that we’d love to see go down, even if there’s next to no chance that they happen? We threw five together — all of them Trade Machine approved — and explained what would make each of them so much fun.

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