Sign Holders At The Presidential Debate Thankfully Remind Us The Warriors Blew A 3-1 Finals Lead

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10.09.16 7 Comments

Every non-Warriors fan has had a ton of fun reminding anyone who will listen that Golden State blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals. It’s silly for different reasons to every person, but one reason it’s so popular is that people finesse it into everyday situations that have nothing to do with basketball.

We got another example of this on Sunday afternoon before the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Someone got behind a Fox News anchor as they were discussing the debate and got their sign on television. It has absolutely nothing to do with a presidential debate, it’s just some goofball who thought it would be a worthwhile use of their time to purchase a sign, write some stuff about the Warriors, haul themselves down to the debate, get near enough to possibly have their sign spotted on television, and hold said sign up for a little while with the hope of it actually getting picked up by TV cameras.

Honestly, the Commission on Presidential Debates should get some Warriors-related questions into this. Would they have won the title if Draymond Green didn’t get suspended? Does Kevin Durant join them if they end up getting a ring? Does winning 73 games in the regular season matter if you can’t back it up with a championship at the end of the season, even if you had a 3-1 lead in the Finals with the unanimous MVP and a Game 7 at home, but couldn’t seal the deal?

Obviously, there are dozens of issues (certainly one) that are more important, but I’m sure that there is at least one person out of the nearly 320,000,000 folks in the United States who want to make sure their vote is going towards someone who knows basketball (and doesn’t brag about sexual assault).

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