Prokhorov Isn’t Selling Team, Or Getting Married But Will Get Even With Kidd

Mercurial Nets owner and Russian oligarch Mikhail Prohorov made a rare media appearance at Brooklyn’s 116-85 smackdown of an injury-riddled Thunder team last night. He was in fine form, and spoke about his former coach, Jason Kidd, leaving for Milwaukee after a failed coup d’état of GM Billy King, his single lifestyle, and the ho-hum $144 million he lost on the team last year.

First, Prokhorov shot down rumors he was looking to sell the team:

“My position is that I will not give up control of the team, but you know I’m quite happy when somebody is sending me a nice offer without taking my controlling interest,” Prokhorov said. “I think for the time being nothing is imminent, but still I think it’s not bad just to listen.”

Perhaps the quote of the night came when a reporter asked about the departed Kidd:

Hearing him say it like a Bond villain is even better.


Just a reminder — before the next Prokhorov-ism — he leads a pretty active lifestyle as we saw from this 60 minutes interview a couple years back:

Also, another piece of evidence he should be cast in the next Bond film:

Prokhorov, a notorious bachelor (would you get married if you were worth over $13 billion?), promised he’d get married if the Nets didn’t win a title by the end of his third year in charge, which is this season. But after another famous bachelor, George Clooney, got married this summer, he begged off the promise.

Also, he’s fabulously wealthy enough to disclaim a $144 million loss last season as “not a big deal…”

With new NBPA head, Michele Roberts, also at Barclays last night, that quote just gave her some important ammo for the next CBA negotiations.

Here’s Prokhorov, Kidd and Billy King in happier times:

Mikhail is still one of our favorite owners, so hopefully we see more of him this season — if only so we get a brief glimpse at his swinging, bachelor billionaire lifestyle.

What do you think?

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