Q&A With DJ Augustin

12.03.08 9 years ago
DJ AugustinDJ won the Bob Cousy Award last season

When the Bobcats rolled through town, I was able to get up with rookie DJ Augustin to talk about his transition to the League. In case Charlotte isn’t one of the squads you frequent on League Pass, Augustin has been putting up some nice numbers since Larry Brown decided to let him play, averaging 12.7 points and 4.3 assists in 29 minutes a night.

Dime: Coming in as a rookie this year, how was your summer different from past summers?
DJ Augustin: I didn’t really get a summer man. I was trying out for teams, ya know, working out. Everyday just preparing for the draft. After the draft I got a chance to relax but then I had to get ready for the season.

Dime: How much time did you put in between the draft and preseason?
DJ: I took a week or two just to be on my own with my family and stuff, but other than that, I was just working out, trying to get ready for the season; getting ready for training camp. It’s tough ya know, but it’s our job.

Dime: There was a lot of buzz about you coming into this season. For one, you were selected to be part of Jordan Brand. How much does that mean to you, to be part of that legacy, knowing that each guy is chosen by MJ himself?
DJ: It’s a great feeling. I looked up to Michael Jordan growing up. He was my favorite player then and still is today. To be chosen by him is a great feeling. I just gotta go out there and work hard everyday to prove myself for him and his brand.

Dime: I’ve talked to a lot of guys about rookie hazing. What have you had to do?
DJ: I’ve had to carry bags and stuff you know. They made me carry a schoolbag around for training camp with Ms. Giggles on it. It was kind of a girly bag and I had to carry it around everywhere that I went. To the mall, out to eat, you know, everywhere. That was probably the worst thing.

Dime: What is something that you could tell AJ Abrams or another college player that you wish you knew last year?
DJ: Don’t take any days off. Work hard everyday and stay focused no matter what happens. No matter how things are going, stay focused and follow your dreams.

Dime: With a top tier freshman class, what do you predict for UT this season?
DJ: I think they’re gonna go all the way, man. They’re going to win the Big XII and compete for a National Championship no doubt.

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