Quincy Pondexter Climbs The Ladder & Slams All Over Boris Diaw

This was karma. Anytime someone flops as badly as Tony Allen did during the closing minutes of regulation, a ridiculous act that ended up netting Memphis four key points, they don’t deserve to win. San Antonio opened up an 18-point lead in the third quarter, fell asleep for what seemed like an hour in real time, and then reemerged to dominate the closing minutes of an overtime littered with bad Jerryd Bayless decisions. After winning 93-89, the Spurs are going to Memphis up 2-0, in literally the exact same position they were in last year in the Western Conference Finals before OKC stormed back to win four straight.

Tony Parker was the best player on the floor tonight, dishing out a playoff career-high 18 dimes. But this dunk from Quincy Pondexter was the best highlight.

Is this series over?

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