Rajon Rondo Says Ray Allen Is Invited To The 2008 Celtics’ Reunion Vacation This Summer

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On the list of the most fascinating NBA beefs of the last decade, few if any are as captivating as the feud between Ray Allen and the rest of the 2008 Boston Celtics. There was a lot of bad blood after Allen decided to join the Miami Heat in 2012, and it wasn’t until recently that past members of the Celtics seemed like they wanted to bury the hatchet.

In fact, Allen and Paul Pierce had a meeting within the last few months in which they seemed to settle their differences, and Allen said he doesn’t harbor any ill will towards his old teammates. With this year being the 10-year anniversary of that squad, the door appears to be open for Allen to be part of some type of festivities involving the team.

If you ask Rajon Rondo, with whom Allen had a famously icy relationship, the legendary shooting guard has an open invitation to spend time with his old teammates this summer as they have a reunion vacation.

Rondo has organized this vacation, and the fact that Allen is invited is a major step forward in the relationship. That’s especially the case because when Rondo was asked about inviting Allen last year, he said it was discussed and ultimately decided that it was best to not contact him.

Anyway, if we got to a point where Rondo feels like he can bury the hatchet to the point that he’s willing to invite Allen to a reunion vacation, well, I suppose anything is possible.