Rajon Rondo and Red Bull Have Given Wings to Boston

The season-long journey of the great Boston’s Got Wings program has finally started to make a real, tangible impact on the city of Boston’s basketball courts. All season long, Red Bull has been donating $500 to Boston’s Department of Parks and Recreation for every steal recorded by Rajon Rondo, with every single dollar going towards the refurbishments of outdoor basketball courts all over the city.

Now that the weather has (sort of) improved, the first refurbishments have officially begun. We were on hand in Roxbury yesterday afternoon at the famed Malcolm X basketball courts started their makeover.

Hoops and backboards were replaced to vastly improve the worn ones that had played host to thousands and thousands of jumpers and the constant battery of New England weather over the years. Here’s what the backboards and rims looked like before the work began:

The work in progress:

And the final result:

These improvements are just the start of the refurbishments at Malcolm X and other courts across the city. For more info about the program, to vote on the next court to be awarded funding, or to find out how you can get involved GO HERE.