Watch Rajon Rondo Attempt To Kick Deron Williams From The Sidelines

01.06.16 4 years ago 3 Comments

This is bonkers, so thanks, Internet. Rajon Rondo was out for last night’s double overtime classic with a mysterious back ailment. The timing of the injury had a lot of us wondering because Rondo would have been facing the team he floundered with last season after being traded to Dallas.

But Rondo (mainly) just watched from the sidelines as Deron Williams won it for the Mavs at the end with some vintage finishing in traffic during regulation, and a buzz-beating three-pointer in the second overtime.

But Rondo did get involved in the sequence above when Williams was stationed in front of the Kings bench. When the replay is slowed down, it’s clear the Kings point guard was kicking at D-Will’s leg, or — at the very least — attempting to trip up his pivot foot when he was triple-threat position along the sideline.

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