Here’s Vintage Rajon Rondo Toasting Trey Burke Before The Laser Dime

Among players playing at least 15 minutes a night, Rajon Rondo leads the league in assist ratio (number of assists averaged per 100 possessions) and is second — behind Russell Westbrook — in assist percentage (percent of teammates field goals a player assisted on). That’s not very surprising since Rondo would rather pass it to a semi-covered teammate when he’s got a wide-open breakaway. That’s a roundabout way of sayin, the guy just prefers to pass and is loathe to ever shoot unless he deems it absolutely necessary.

A couple of times during Sacramento’s 114-106 win over Utah on Tuesday night, the Jazz would get within one or two scores of the Kings, and that’s when Rondo would find his way to the cup.


The best part of that above score when we saw it live was how Rondo pauses right before turning the corner, in a spot where he’ll usually decide on a crazy bounce pass to a teammate cutting baseline, or feed the big man who set the pick and pivoted to crash down the lane towards the basket. Nope, Rondo caught him completely off guard and was rewarded with bucket plus the foul

But Rajon is all about those crazy big hands, and how they provide him such stunning control of the rock, even when he’s met at half court by a pesky Trey Burke.


That just wasn’t fair.