Rajon Rondo Wants To Be A Celtic; Everyone Wants Arron Afflalo

There’s no player in the league who draws as much conversation as Rajon Rondo. For some reason, people either love him or hate him. Maybe it’s the jumper (or lack thereof). Or maybe it’s the attitude. He has talent, but in certain areas, he desperately struggles. There have been rumors all summer about where he could be ending up, and yesterday he told Boston that all he wants is clarity. Rondo would love to be in Boston, as long as he was sure the Celtics wanted him. You can feel his pain; Danny Ainge has told him he isn’t trading him, and yet we’ve heard his name in trade rumors for three consecutive summers. You can’t blame Rondo for speaking – even if it is through his agent. The Celtics are constantly looking to improve their lineup, and with Rondo being the only young guy with value, it’s hard to say he won’t be traded. Rondo watched his best friend Kendrick Perkins get shipped out last year, so how can you expect him to trust the Cs? … We don’t understand the Mavs at all. Sources say they’ve begun talks to bring back DeShawn Stevenson and Brian Cardinal. Okay, that’s cool. But what about Tyson Chandler? He’s the anchor of their defense, and yet they’re about to lose him because of money. You can always find another Stevenson; There are very few Chandlers available. When you’re winning championships, what’s a couple extra million? … We gave you the top five teams most likely to sign Jamal Crawford, and while Indiana certainly had the cap space and the need for another perimeter scorer, we weren’t sure they would pony up for a player like JC. Turns out they’re ready to do so, and Mike Wells reports the feelings are mutual between the two. Indiana might not be a title team, but with a few more pieces, they could be very dangerous in the East. If they can’t get their hands on Shane Battier, it’ll be Crawford who draws the cash … The Pacers seem poised to spoil someone’s party. Marc Gasol was all ready to be gift-wrapped back to Memphis, except Indiana is ready to do what they can to steal him away as well … It seems like everyone in the basketball community wants Arron Afflalo. From the GMs right down to the Dime commentators, Afflalo has more suitors than Kim K. Right now reports are his two biggest suitors are Chicago and the Lakers. That’s interesting because neither team has the money to sign him outright. It’ll take a sign and trade. If you were the Nuggets, would you be willing to help either one of these squads get closer to a championship? And as a restricted free agent, it’s surprising to find two teams willing to go above and beyond to get him. Neither team has the money, but they both need a wing player who can defend and hit shots. They’ll be pressing the Nuggets about making a sign-n-trade. The Bulls seem like the best fit, and the Lakers are his hometown team. But as long as the Nuggets are dropping players off in China, you have to think they’ll bring back one of the few players they can control … J.R. Smith went off yesterday for 52 points, 22 rebounds and seven steals in China. How is that even possible? We’re not into downgrading other leagues, but c’mon… those numbers are just ridiculous. Check out a few of the highlights here … It seems like half of Dime has some tie to Syracuse, and so we always find ourselves showing them love. But this season, it’s not a facade or anything. The Orange can play, and have a legit shot at the NCAA championship. They beat No. 9 Florida by four, and it wasn’t so much how bad they beat them, but the way they did it. The Gators have one of the best offenses in all of college hoops, and they did nothing in ‘Cuse all night. Syracuse didn’t even play well in the first half and still seemed in control. Their transition offense is unstoppable and that defense is tough. Kenny Boynton dropped 22 but it wasn’t enough for Florida … Peyton Siva hit a layup in the finals seconds to lift Louisville over Vanderbilt in overtime. Doesn’t it feel like Vandy is losing every other night? … And Missouri blew past Northwestern St. by 34 … We’re out like trusting the Cs.

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