A Definitive Ranking Of Michael Jordan’s All-Time Best (And Worst) Jerseys

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In addition to being arguably the best basketball player to ever grace the hardwood, Michael Jordan is also one of the most influential athletes in the history of sports fashion. Even to this day, Jordan’s literal and figurative footprint in the sneaker game is undeniable. More than a decade has passed since his final NBA game, but it seems like nearly every new Air Jordan release still draws hoards of consumers itching to get their hands on it.

But Jordan’s fashion reach extends beyond just footwear. Given his impact and accomplishments in the sport, nearly every jersey that MJ has ever pulled over his head has turned into an iconic uniform in its own right. Wearing a Jordan jersey isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a cultural statement.

So, in celebration of his 53rd birthday, here’s a complete ranking of the threads that Jordan wore through his days as a collegiate and professional athlete.

12. Any Baseball Jersey


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Memphis Chicks v Birmingham Barons

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As great of a basketball player as he was, Michael Jordan’s experiment with baseball was underwhelming. In nearly 500 plate appearances, Jordan hit just .202 as an outfielder in the Chicago White Sox farm system and never played in an official Major League game.

So, while none of Jordan’s pro baseball jerseys are particularly bad in the visual department, they don’t really hold any significance other than reminding us that Jordan playing pro baseball was actually a thing. But, hey, at least he had a few highlights.

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