Raptors’ Forte

12.10.07 10 years ago 53 Comments

Chris Bosh is back. Coming off a groin injury, CB4 stamped 21 points, 10 boards and 4 blocks on the Rockets in a Toronto win yesterday. Steve Francis went right at Bosh on Houston’s first possession and got his shot swatted. And if you’re wondering, Stevie started because Skip was out injured … Even without Andrea Bargnani in the lineup, this is the Raptors squad that could take a playoff series or two in the East. They were moving the ball, getting buckets in the post from Bosh when they needed them, balancing minutes effectively between T.J. Ford and Jose Calderon, playing D and rebounding, and Toronto showed a toughness by coming back from a big halftime deficit to get the win … About that defense: Yao scored just 15 points, getting held in check by Rasho Nesterovic and Kris Humphries. But at least there wasn’t any highlight-reel swat on Yao by Jamario Moon like we had envisioned beforehand. No, Yao’s biggest problems yesterday were a lack of aggressiveness on offense or on the glass. At times he just faded into the background … Despite Shaq (8 pts, 8 rebs) being outplayed by Chris Kaman (14 pts, 12 rebs), the Heat — mostly due to D-Wade‘s 35 points and 10 dimes — did enough to knock off the Clippers on the road. Diesel didn’t play the last minute or so while Zo played clean-up man to help bring home the W. Said Pat Riley afterwards, “Zo is a little more mobile than Shaq right now.” Ya think? … Bucks/Blazers was tied with 15 seconds left in the fourth, Milwaukee ball. Larry Krystkowiak drew up a play designed to get Michael Redd the ball either coming off the inbounds, or if that wasn’t open, coming off a double-screen as the clock wound down. Thing is, Redd was having an awful shooting night (he finished 5-for-23), while Mo Williams was on fire (33 pts). So Mo gets the inbounds, they set up the double-screen for Redd, but Mo didn’t even look in Redd’s direction and jacked an awful shot. Then, on Milwaukee’s next-to-last possession in OT, when they needed a bucket, Mo looked Redd off again and missed on a drive. And it wasn’t the first or second time we’ve seen Mo ignore Redd in crunch-time this season … The Warriors were content to let Andrew Bynum try and beat them last night. They refused to double team him even though he was giving Andris Biedrins the business in the first half. Same thing when they threw Patrick O’Bryant and at him and even when they went real small and Al Harrington tried to check him. The Lakers kept feeding the kid and he responded with 20 points, 11 boards and five blocks. Between that and Kobe dropping 20 of his 28 in the second half, the Lakers were just too much for Golden State, winning by 10 … With that mask and the headbands, Mickael Pietrus looks like someone’s Saw nightmare … Another triple-double for Jason Kidd (13 pts, 10 rebs, 13 asts), another night where the Nets were exposed for all their glaring flaws. It also didn’t help Jersey that Richard Jefferson played his first really bad game of the year, going 4-for-12 for just 9 points, committing five turnovers and getting crowned by DeShawn Stevenson … What is Eddie Jordan doing with Andray Blatche? One game after he was Washington’s best player on the floor against the Suns, Blatche only saw eight minutes last night. If they’re trying to build something with this kid, there needs to be more consistency … We’re out like Mo and Mike’s chemistry …

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