Raptors Looking to Deal Jermaine O’Neal

01.05.09 9 years ago
Jermaine O'NealJ.O.

Right now, the Raptors and the Warriors have the distinct honor of being the two teams looking to get rid of a big-time free agent who they signed within the last six months. Bryan Colangelo is reportedly trying to move Jermaine O’Neal, possibly in a package with former No. 1 Andrea Bargnani.

Colangelo is reportedly trying to trade Jermaine O’Neal, having spoken with at least a half dozen teams about the big man.

Though scouts have made the incredibly astute observation that J.O. has absolutely no lift left, there’s still a market for an almost 7-footer who can rebound and score around the basket. Here are some teams who might consider dealing for O’Neal and the remaining $40-plus million left on his deal through the ’09-10 season.

Dallas – Sure Mark Cuban might be terrified of pulling the trigger on another mid-season deal after getting his pants pulled down around his ankles with the J-Kidd-for-Devin Harris swap. But this has to be an attractive possibility for the Mavs, as Cuban wants to bring some excitement to the franchise right now, while also providing some cap space for the apocalyptic 2010 season.

New Orleans – Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, and maybe I’ll get killed for saying this, but Tyson Chandler is terrible. He’s not a real center, because the only thing that he’s actually good for is a highlight-reel finish off a Chris Paul lob. If New Orleans is going to do anything in the playoffs this year, they need someone who can handle some of the monster frontcourts in the West.

Cleveland – With Big Z on the bench for about a month after getting pins put in his left ankle, would the Cavs want to bring J.O. on to help ease the burden over the long run on Anderson Varejao, while also making sure that Ilgauskas doesn’t rush back to the court?

New York – It’s obvious that there’s no interest in getting someone who can actually play basketball in New York right now. The Knicks would sell David Lee‘s soul if they could as long as it frees them up for the 2010 sweepstakes.

What’s a possible destination for J.O.?
Source: Real GM

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