The Toronto Raptors Continue To Be Very Rude To The Guy Who Hands Them Water

On Friday night, when most of the sports world was focused on the NCAA Tournament, Kyle Lowry led his Toronto Raptors to a big win over their Eastern Conference rivals the Boston Celtics, and celebrated by snatching a water bottle fiercely out of the Raptors (very much adult) waterboy’s hand:

We enjoyed it, but awash in a wild weekend of comebacks and buzzer-beaters, it’s only natural to move past such a minor moment.

But within the Raptors’ locker room, Lowry turning into Snatchmo is apparently still a thing:


That’s from Raptors forward James Johnson’s Instagram, and it appears snatching water bottles from Gus the equipment manager’s hands without saying thank you is now a thing in Toronto. We can only hope that Gus is in on the joke, because if he isn’t, then this is just a bunch of dudes being rude.

So, is Gus in on the joke? He has to know he’s being filmed by Johnson when he walks briskly into the room to hydrate the player, but his equally-brisk walk away could be either the response of a man who appreciates that it’s a joke, but doesn’t have time for it, or someone who is truly over it. What do you think?