I Guarantee the Raptors Will Make The Playoffs

08.24.09 9 years ago 37 Comments

What’s up Dime readers! Before I defend my headline, I’d like to take a second to introduce myself to you all. My name is Gerald Narciso and I’m the newest addition to the Dime family. I’m Canadian but grew up in Utah and just finished a three-year stint in Vancouver (Canada not Washington). In the past, I’ve done some freelance work here as long as with Bounce. Apparently Dime liked me so much they kidnapped me from Vancouver and brought me over to the big apple. Anybody got any good suggestions on cool restaurants, bars or coffee shops I should check out, please hit me up!

Okay enough about me, let’s talk Raps. Living in Canada these past few years, I have seen my share of Bosh and Co. I have watched them go from a playoff squad to a lottery team that failed to meet high expectations in ’08-09. To their credit, GM Bryan Colangelo has been on the ball this offseason trying to reconstruct his team back into a winner.

The additions of Hedo Turkoglu, Jarrett Jack, DeMar DeRozanand Marco Belinelli definitely strengthens the Raps’ depth chart. With CB4 in a contract year and Andrea Bargnani getting better and better each year, Toronto is making a case for a playoff berth. Although there is no doubt in my mind T-dot will improve from that dismal 33 win season, is it enough to warrent postseason spot?

I say yes. Every year the East is up for grabs. Yeah, non-playoff teams like Charlotte and Washington should be competeting for a slot. And Detroit and Atlanta are defintely stronger. But I don’t see why Toronto could possibly finish the season over Philly and Miami. Judging by their strong finish, I believe the team has started to gel under coach Jay Triano. They brought back Rasho Nesterovic for much needed help in the middle and they solved their backup poing guard woes by adding Jack. Plus my Canadian roots will not allow my to say otherwise.

What do you all think? The floor is yours.

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