Rasheed Wallace Celebrates 40th Birthday With Air Forces 1s Cake

09.27.14 4 years ago

Rasheed Wallace turned 40 years-old 10 days ago, and we celebrated by watching his infamous “Ball don’t lie!” ejection. It tuns out ‘Sheed, though, celebrated his birthday with even greater aplomb than we did.

Quick, what’s better than one birthday cake? Three, obviously. But what’s even better than three birthday cakes? Massive, customized ones that pay homage to the honored’s zany NBA career.

These are all great in their own way. We don’t exactly get why the Atlanta Hawks – for whom Wallace played a single game in 2004 before being dealt yet again – are featured with the Detroit Pistons and New York Knicks on the second cake, but that almost adds to its awesomeness. And we’ve missed seeing ‘Sheed’s signature silhouette, prominently featured on the third one.

But Wallace is perhaps best known for re-introducing Nike’s legendary Air Force 1s to the public. Like the shoes, that first cake is an all-timer. We definitely prefer it to Kevin Durant’s similarly designed sugary confection, too.

What do you think of ‘Sheed’s cakes?

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