Rasheed Wallace Spent The Weekend Personally Delivering Water To Residents Of Flint, Mich.

Rasheed Wallace the basketball player was a notorious trash talker and a nightmare for the officials. During his prime, he was also a nightmare for his opponents, and according to numerous sources, just about the best teammate you could possibly ask for.

Wallace’s best years came in Detroit when he helped lead the Pistons to six straight conference finals and an NBA title in 2004. He still has strong ties to the area, and he recently joined Rachel Nichols and Stephen Jackson of ESPN’s The Jump, along with many others, to do something about the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Mich.

Nichols documented their trip to Michigan this past weekend and put together the above video (posted to her Facebook page) showing them buying up all the bottled water from area Targets and Walmarts and personally delivering it to local residents.

“We take it for granted because we live in other cities and our water is fine,” Wallace says in the video above. “But just imagine if it was happening in your town. You damn sure would want help, too, so that’s why we’re here.”

What an inspiring display of altruism that continues to prove that Sheed might be the most misunderstood “villain” in NBA history.