Report: Ray Allen Won’t Sign With Cavaliers If He Decides To Play This Season

02.27.15 4 years ago
Ray Allen


Free agent sharpshooter Ray Allen probably won’t play this season. And if he does, it almost certainly won’t be for the team that’s long been considered frontrunner to sign him.

On an appearance with Cleveland’s ESPN Radio Friday morning, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst was definitive in saying that Allen won’t be suiting up for the Cavaliers.


Though this report adds more fuel to the growing fire that Allen will simply sit this season out entirely, it’s been assumed since last summer that he’d sign with the Cavaliers if he ultimately decided otherwise. Which team is clubhouse leader to land the future Hall-of-Famer now?

Perhaps the Golden State Warriors? Maybe the Los Angeles Clippers? What about the Chicago Bulls?

The reality is that it likely won’t matter much – if at all. It would be incredibly difficult for the 39 year-old Allen to make a meaningful impact for any contender after missing the season’s first 60 games, especially considering he wasn’t highly effective in 2013-2014 for the Miami Heat, either. Allen would certainly make an imposing late-game shooting threat, but his influence wouldn’t extend much farther than that.

And again, the most recent momentum suggests that he won’t play at all. While we never like to see legends like Allen retire, a quiet exit from the league seems more graceful for the league’s all-time leader in three-pointers than one that sees him riding the bench.

The only thing seemingly for sure? Allen won’t be splashing three-pointers off passes from LeBron James come spring. Sorry, Cavs fans.


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