Why Ray Allen Might Have A Hard Time Returning To The Celtics In A Possible Comeback

08.10.16 3 years ago

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There have been all sorts of rumors about Ray Allen‘s possible NBA comeback next season. According to one report, his rep reached out to the Golden State Warriors recently, and not long after that, Allen told the Hartford Courant that Spike Lee was already trying to recruit him to the Knicks.

So far, everyone’s avoided the elephant in the room, i.e. the Boston Celtics. It’s not so outlandish to think Allen could rejoin the franchise where he won his first championship in 2008, but his prodigal return certainly wouldn’t be without its hindrances, as Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe told CSNNE.com:

“Ray wants to play again. I’m sure about. I don’t think he particularly enjoys watching Stephen Curry reigning threes and challenging his record and being called the best shooter in the world. I think that bothers him. I know Ray wants to extend his all-time three-point record,” Washburn said.

“The Celtics would be probably a very good fit. One, he’s got to smooth things over with ownership. They didn’t like him going to Miami for half the money. They didn’t like how things worked out. And he didn’t like them signing Jason Terry to play with him and they were going to play together. That wasn’t going to work out. So they need to talk a little bit. But I do think he wants to play, and I do think it would be a good fit.

But now you’ve got to like cut one of the young guys, trade one of these young guys, to fit him on the roster. I think he would be an immaculate leader. He would show a lot of these young guys how it’s done. I think the effect would be great. You know, kick to the curb one of your young guys to do it, that’s the question they have to ask.”

The 41-year-old sharpshooter hasn’t played in the NBA in more than two years yet is famous for his phenomenal physical conditioning. But in addition to his acrimonious exit from Boston, Allen would presumably want to join a more legitimate championship contender. The Celtics have a solid team and made some huge additions in the offseason, namely Al Horford, but they are far from title favorites. A team like the Warriors seems like a much more logical choice at this stage of his career.


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