Ray Allen Joins The Heat; Joe Johnson Brought Deron Williams to Brooklyn

Crank up the Willenium because Ray Allen is Miami bound and needs a welcome. Just when we thought all the pieces were coming back together for the Celtics, their sharpshooter is bolting for the Heat to win a title, at albeit lower price. It’s kind of a shock considering how comfortable he’d been in Boston and how well his group of teammates had worked together to get them to three conference finals and two NBA Finals during their time. And it’s another coup for Pat Riley and the Heat, even though we all know Allen, who turns 37 this month, is diminished physically and his defense was exposed like a glass house without curtains in the playoffs because of ankle trouble. Compared with Mike Miller, though, Allen might have as well been one of the Spartans in 300. That’s the role the Heat need out of Allen and one he can still do. Still, what would you have done? He got a max of $9 million over the next three years while Danny Ainge — who had made it public he wanted Allen back hard — would have given him two years and $12 million to do the same job. Maybe he got scared he’d be paid but wouldn’t have the minutes with Avery Bradley showing himself to be the team’s third-best guard this season. It’s possible he’s just living out the theme of a hired gun to the fullest. He may be worse physically for wear, but that shooting form is still perfect. … Who is coming back to Boston is Jeff Green. The ex-Georgetown star who had an aneurysm crop up to curtail any idea of him being a major player in the rotation. After a year out, he’s now getting a four-year, $40-million contract. … Thanks to interviews at Team USA’s training camp in Las Vegas, we now are getting more insight into Deron Williams‘ decision to stay with the Nets. He told reporters that he went into meetings with Dallas and Brooklyn leaning toward his hometown Mavs, but that the trade for Joe Johnson piqued his interest, along with the signing of Gerald Wallace. It probably didn’t help that only a day before, the Mavericks lost Jason Terry to Boston, who would have been his backcourt mate in Big D. Way to twist the knife, Deron. “Dallas you were this close.” The chance to go home again lost out to the chance to win for a while. How high will Dallas be in the Western Conference next year — sixth tops? New Jer, er, Brooklyn might be in the four spot in the East and three if the breaks go their way. Tell you one thing, we bet Delonte West is still bummed that his recruiting via Twitter didn’t go better. … Continuing the guards theme of NBA free agency, and older guards in particular, Jason Kidd said Friday that the chance to mentor Jeremy Lin intrigued him more than staying in a familiar groove in Dallas. Geez Dallas, what can you offer? Is it the reboot of the terrible soap opera of the same name that’s been airing this summer that’s scaring people off? … Who wants to buy a book about the poisoning of a franchise? The Orlando Sentinel is betting you will. We hope some more juicy excerpts come out (sorry Magic fans…). We almost wonder if some in Orlando don’t wish this trade dilemma will continue because it gives something to talk about all year and offers a chance to unite around a common foe in Dwight Howard. … The Sixers made a move today to make room for Nick Young, and that’s just a sentence that doesn’t feel right to type. Giving Elton Brand the amnesty boot opened up some room for the shooting guard, who will replace Lou Williams. Williams said via Twitter that he was out. Philly went on and replaced him with a guard who’s not as good. … You know what’s awesome? We’re only a week away from watching games being played again. You know the drill with the Summer League: Guys go all out to give them a shot going into training camp. Plus, it’s been two years since it was around because of the lockout. … We’re out like Jesus Shuttlesworth.

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