Red Bull King of the Rock Kicks off in L.A. Tomorrow!

Maybe you saw the TV spots being run during the NBA Finals. If you’re a reader of this site you almost certainly have seen the the ads and videos across the top of promoting Red Bull‘s awesome, global King of the Rock tour.

King of the Rock in the United States officially kicks off tomorrow in Los Angeles. 64 players will meet to battle it out in a grueling 1-on-1 qualifying tournament for the right to represent L.A. in September’s championship tournament on Alcatraz Island. If you are interested in watching – or competing – tomorrow, here is what you need to know:

The event is being held at the Venice Beach basketball courts, with games set to start at noon. The top two finishers will receive a trip to San Francisco to compete in the championship tournament and the right to be crowned “King of the Rock.”

If you’re thinking that you want to play in tomorrow’s tournament, it is open to the public and it’s free to enter. Spots are going to go fast though, so your best bet is to get there early to get one of the 64 spots in the field.

And just so you know heading in, competition will be serious. From what we hear, lots of D-1 talent is planning on coming out to play for one of those two spots on the Rock. Guys who played for Illinois, Auburn, Oklahoma State, Long Beach State, and at least one guy who played in the D-League for the Los Angeles D-Fenders have all let it be known that they’re planning on playing tomorrow.

Whether you’re looking to compete or just want to watch some serious, high-level, physical basketball, tomorrow’s kick-off event at Venice Beach is the place to be in L.A.

For more info on King of the Rock, tomorrow’s event and the full list of upcoming qualifiers, GO HERE.

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