The Red Bull Midnight Run Finals Are Here!

Since last May, the best ballplayers from four of the country’s most prominent basketball cities have been locked in battle. Athletes from New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C. and Chicago played their hearts out for the right to represent their city on a world stage for something worth more than money and fame – ultimate bragging rights.

The time to represent has arrived:;

Red Bull Midnight Run set out to settle the biggest question in basketball: Which city has the best ballplayers? To get to that final answer, Midnight Run began as a competition made up of 100 of those cities’ best players with each one hand-picked by Dime Magazine for their skills and reputation.

Round 1 saw those players go at each other under the watchful eyes of the Dime staff and pro point guard John Wall for their spot in Round 2. After much deliberation, the 100 players in each city were cut down to 35 to continue to the second round of competition.

With only 35 players remaining and a shot at the finals close enough to touch, the competition in Round 2 heated up. Names that every hardcore basketball fan is familiar with showed up to fight for the chance to rep their city, including athletes like famed playground legend Baby Shaq and former Division 1 athletes and overseas pros.

Along the way, each player received premium gear from Red Bull Midnight Run’s partners, such as Skullcandy and Reebok, and there is more in store for the players who made it to the finals.

The eight players left standing in each city will meet on the floor of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Friday to fight it out and see which city can claim the country’s best ballplayers.

Want to know more? Click here to learn about the players who survived two grueling rounds of play in each city. These are the guys who will compete not just for themselves, but also for their city’s pride.

Following tonight’s finals, you can catch recaps of what went down at the Red Bull Midnight Run Web site and

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