Reebok Is Launching A New Question Mid To Honor The Women In Allen Iverson’s Life

On Dec. 2, Reebok will release a new version of the classic Question Mid designed by Melody Ehsani that celebrates the women in Allen Iverson’s life. The new campaign features all three of Iverson’s daughters – Dream, Messiah, and Tiaura – along with their mother Tawanna.

“Aside from being one of the greatest players, Iverson to me more so was a cultural leader and game changer, so I made sure to embody some of those elements into the shoe,” Ehsani said in the official press release.

The updated version of Iverson’s first ever signature shoe has all sorts of cool new design elements to it. The three different shades of leather give it a multi-tonal look, but that’s just the beginning of what this sneaker has to offer. Embossed on its tongue is one of Iverson’s tattoos that displays the words “Hold My Own,” and a removable Velcro patch on the heel allows you to switch out three other patches that each feature a different one of his tattoos.

The inside of the sneaker also features images of Iverson’s iconic cornrows and the blue bandanna he was known to wear off the court. The shoe will premiere at Ehsani’s store in Los Angeles this Friday with a price tag of $160.