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Reebok Still Talkin'

Without Stephen Jackson or Ron Artest, with Shaq biting his tongue about Dwight Howard and the Washington Wizards officially swagless, the NBA had little trash talk last night. Hopefully with 16 games on the schedule tonight, including an Orlando/Cleveland showdown, there will be plenty of talk for tomorrow’s Reebok Still Talkin’ Quote of the Day. For today we go international and turn to the Israeli media and prep to Europe player Jeremy Tyler. We all know that Jeremy Tyler took the Brandon Jennings route (albeit for different reasons) to Europe and opted to forgo his senior year of high school to go pro. Thus far his European adventure has been less than impressive and according to Ze’ev Avrahmi (courtesy of Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis) the team is growing sick of Tyler.

“….. he trashed his coach. And worst of all: He produces nothing on the court. Nothing.”

Jennings showed us that European stats are somewhat deflated but Tyler’s problems go beyond the box score. According to the report Tyler lacks discipline, shows up late and prefers clubbing over learning the game. Even more disturbing Jeremy Tyler apparently refused to turn his music down during Yom Kippur. Tyler is having serious maturity issues in Europe and his decision could be disastrous for his NBA aspirations. Jeff Rosen (the owner of his team) wants Jeremy to be a star and Jeremy is doing nothing to earn it gaining the ire of his teammates and coach (who allegedly wants to throw him off the team). Tyler needs to come back to earth and realize that he is just another player in the Israel league and until he can produce on court and as a teammate he will be never reach his full potential. If he can’t turn his behavior around Tyler will serve as the high school to Euro equivelant to Korleone Young, instead of the trend’s Kevin Garnett.

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