Reggie Jackson Didn’t Need To Look To Find Andre Drummond With A Gorgeous Overhead Pass

The Detroit Pistons managed to stay afloat while their point guard and offensive leader, Reggie Jackson, missed the first 21 games of the 2016-2017 season due to an injury. Now, the Pistons are wasting no time in having fun on the court and Jackson is in the middle of everything for Stan Van Gundy‘s team.

On Tuesday evening against the Chicago Bulls, Jimmy Butler came away with a rebound and looked to begin a new offensive possession for the visiting team, but Jackson had other ideas. He chased Butler down from behind in the backcourt and stripped the ball away. In one fell swoop, Jackson flipped the ball over his head using only his left hand. Waiting patiently for the pass was Pistons center Andre Drummond, who collected the wide open catch and deposited the ball through the rim with a highlight dunk.

More so than most NBA teams, the great majority of Van Gundy’s offense runs through Jackson and Drummond, so any additional touches that can transpire (like this one in the backcourt) are gravy for the pairing. Jackson’s vision and awareness to know that his go-to big man was available behind him for a quick dunk was impressive, and there aren’t many players in the league more capable of taking advantage of such an opportunity than Drummond.

Reggie Jackson is back and everyone in Detroit, headlined by Andre Drummond, is very happy.