Report: Reggie Jackson Going To Detroit In Another Massive Three-Team Trade

The NBA Trade Deadline got set on fire at the buzzer today right after the 3 pm ET trade deadline came and went with seemingly every team involved in multiple transactions. The Nets and Thunder appeared headed for a Reggie Jackson Brook Lopez swap, but that fell apart, and now Reggie is headed to Detroit in a three-team trade including the Utah Jazz.

First, Reggie is going to Motown, per Adrian Wojnarowski:

As part of that same deal, Pistons forward Kyle Singer is joining the Oklahoma City Thunder:

And Oklahoma City Albatross Kendrick Perkins will join the Jazz:

We already covered OKC’s interest in Jazz big man Enes Kanter, and he’s included in the three-team bonanza, so don’t worry Thunder fans; you didn’t give up Reggie for nothing.

The Thunder will also get D.J. Augustin from the Pistons and Steve Novak from the Jazz, per multiple sources:

Today’s deadline has turned the NBA into an incestuous miasma of player movement, so stay tuned for more, and be sure to check out all the most recent trades: