Reggie Miller: Bad Michael Jordan Is “10 Times Better” Than Good Kobe Bryant

12.16.14 4 years ago 47 Comments
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Comparing anyone to Michael Jordan is futile. There likely won’t ever be another player who can match his gaudy team and individual accomplishments, and there certainly won’t ever be one that carries the same level of cultural clout. But Kobe Bryant brings it on himself – with on-court brilliance, maniacal dedication, and an admission that Jordan is who he emulates. We doubt that will make Reggie Miller’s assessment any easier for Mamba – let alone his legion of rabid fans – to stomach.

In an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” today, the Indiana Pacers Hall-of-Famer said that Jordan at his worst is “10 times better” than Bryant at his best. Miller’s comments come at the 5:15 mark of the video below:

Miller: Michael Jordan on his worst day is 10 times better than Kobe Bryant on his best day. And that’s not short-changing Kobe Bryant because he gave me my lunchpail, too… Michael Jordan on his worst day I will take over Kobe Bryant on his best day.


This is wild hyperbole. We firmly believe that Jordan is on another level of greatness than Bryant, but to effectively say that Kobe is 10 times worse than his muse is flat-out wrong. He’s the closest thing we’ve ever seen to MJ in terms of playing style and mental makeup, and he has the points and championships to support that notion.

But we didn’t guard either player. Perhaps Miller’s take is accurate, then? Nah. This is in the same vein of the many senseless proclamations that Reggie has made as a color commentator for TNT.

Jordan and bryant are legends, and the former is a better player. That’s all Miller needed to say, but he loves to stir the pot. Don’t fall for it, Kobe nation.

(Video via Dan Patrick)

Do you agree with Reggie?

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