Report: Cavs Offering Wiggins, Bennett & First Rounder For Love

League sources tell ESPN the Cavs have offered up Andrew Wigginslike we told you about yesterday — as well as the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, Anthony Bennett. The Cavs are also said to be including next year’s first-round pick for Kevin Love, a player LeBron James is hoping joins him in Cleveland, signs an extension and they all live happily ever after bringing Cleveland it’s first title..

If the last two top picks in the draft and a future first rounder seems like too steep a price to pay for Love, consider this list of players who have averaged over 25 PPG and 10 RPG for a full season. We’ll wait.

Yeah, you’ll notice Love is the only active player, not named Tim Duncan, to have done so, and nobody –including Duncan — has done it OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS! You’ll also notice Love has had two seasons above the 25/10 threshold before he’s turned 26. Duncan did so when he was 25, too, during his first MVP season. Just look at that group of players and tell us why Kevin Love can’t join the ranks of Duncan, Shaq, Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone (who had a 25/10 season at 34!), Charles Barkley, David Robinson and all the other all-time NBA greats who litter that list like a who’s who of dominant low-post players?

Here’s the thing — and we broke down the arguments for doing the trade or not earlier today, so forgive us if we’re rehashing the same talking points — there’s growing evidence Anthony Bennett might be ready to make a push for Most Improved Player next season.

He’s cut this year, too:


Then there are the pros and cons of Wiggins’ seemingly inexorable ceiling as a player, even though he only turned 19 in February this year. He could be the next big thing, a Scottie Pippen hybrid who is elite on both sides of the court, or he could be Andre Iguodala — and even the latter comparison might be a reach. That’s the difference. Nobody knows. You know what Kevin Love brings to the court.

The craziest part of this whole back-and-forth between Cleveland and Minnesota, the ‘Wolves might eschew Cleveland’s offer anyway! A source told Broussard the trade almost happened, but the ‘Wolves wanted more. What more?!

Some believe Golden State’s offer of David Lee and Harrison Barnes might push them over the top if the Dubs’ brass can find it within themselves to part with streaky shooter and underrated defender, Klay Thompson, but there have been conflicting reports about Golden State’s willingness to part with him. Even if they do include Klay in the deal, I’m not sure it’s as good a deal as what Cleveland reportedly already offered.

Still, we don’t know how Flip Saunders turns down the Wiggins/Bennett/pick swap for Love and doesn’t get fired if they lose Love for less sometime before February’s trade deadline. It could also be a ploy by the ‘Wolves to drive up the market for Love.

This whole thing makes our head spin, but we can only imagine what Bennett and Wiggins are thinking in Vegas.

For seemingly the umpteenth time: do you deal Wiggins/Bennett/pick for Love?

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