Update: Derrick Rose Will Require Surgery After Medial Meniscus Tear In Right Knee

UPDATE: According to reports, the Bulls have updated the status of Derrick Rose after he underwent MRI testing today. He has suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee and will require surgery, with no timetable on his return.

Adrian Wojnarowski has more from Yahoo! Sports on the choice Rose and Bulls will have to make about which type of surgery he’ll undergo:

The Bulls announced Rose will be out indefinitely after he had an MRI Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles that revealed a tear to his right medial meniscus.

If Rose decides to reattach the meniscus – usually the route taken by young players – he’s expected to miss the rest of the regular season. To clip off the meniscus is a riskier long-term issue, but could have Rose back in one to two months.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook suffered a torn right lateral meniscus in the Western Conference playoffs in April, and had the procedure to reattach it. He finally returned early this season.

Grantland’s Zache Lowe tweeted out the differences between a lateral mensicus tear — the one suffered by Westbrook — and the medial meniscus tear suffered by Rose.



So do the Bulls clip off the medial meniscus — further endangering Rose long-term, but getting him back on the court this year — or do they reattach the mensicus and he sits out yet another season?