Report: Don’t Rule Out Oklahoma City Thunder Trading For Rajon Rondo

09.15.14 5 years ago 10 Comments

Rajon Rondo may or may not have made a trade request to the Boston Celtics, but it’s safe to say he wants out of Beantown regardless. And according to one national writer, the Oklahoma City Thunder are a realistic destination for the disgruntled Celtics star.

In a recent Q&A with SBNation’s CelticsBlog, Sean Deveney of Sporting News hardly rules out the chance of Rondo teaming in the Thunder backcourt with Russell Westbrook.

Q: …are there any teams out there that might be in the Rondo market that we haven’t talked a lot about?
A: The Thunder could be one to watch. They have pieces to shed in a sign-and-trade, and a Russell Westbrook-Rondo backcourt would be fascinating. Might not work financially, but it’s a possibility…

Pump the brakes, OKC fans – this is pure conjecture. Deveney mentions no inside information while offering this juicy nugget, and his uncertainty that the Celtics and Thunder could make it work under the cap support the apparent notion that he was speaking off-cuff. For the record, though, the finances are delicate but would indeed work if Boston and Oklahoma City were intent on making a deal involving Rondo.

The crux of this pipedream’s problem is that neither team is likely interested in such a trade. The Thunder could offer the expiring deal of Kendrick Perkins and super-sub Reggie Jackson to the Celtics for Rondo and just barely skirt the luxury tax, a deal that actually makes relative sense for Boston because it would control Jackson’s rights in restricted free agency next summer.

But a backcourt pairing of Rondo and Westbrook, no matter how enticing given their starry names, is simply mismatched. Oklahoma City’s only playoff problem – other than injuries, of course – has been a lack of scoring and floor-spacing around Westbrook and Kevin Durant, two deficiencies that Rondo would hardly solve. Along those same lines, Rondo is easily at his best with the ball in his hands; what’s the point of further limiting the touches of transcendent talents like Westbrook and Durant?

The other end of the floor would also pose issues. Both Rondo and Westbrook have solid reputations as defenders, but both are prone to gambling and bouts of general apathy. There’s certainly in which the Thunder take a step back on defense with Rondo in tow.

Is a Boston-Oklahoma City Rondo trade possible? Sure, but it’s still a far-fetched proposal. Until smoke of such a deal becomes anything more than entertaining speculation, proceed accordingly.

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