Report: Joakim Noah Recruited Carmelo Anthony To The Bulls

Everybody wants to know what Carmelo Anthony is doing this summer. Will he re-sign with the Knicks after opting out? Will he surprise everyone by opting in on the final year of his deal before unfettered free agency in the summer of 2015? Will he go to the Lakers? Can the Lakers even afford him with Kobe Bryant‘s new deal? Following recent rumors surrounding a “‘Melo to Chicago” sign when the Knicks played the Bulls, comes another report that Bulls center Joakim Noah recruited Carmelo to come to Chicago over All-Star weekend.

Before we get into this, please keep a couple things in mind: First, this is almost purely conjecture as is everything surrounding ‘Melo’s decision. We doubt even he knows where he’ll be playing next season. Second, ESPN’s Chris Broussard is notoriously wishy-washy on stuff like this and his breaking news hasn’t been breaking since he cited a source for LeBron James‘ ultimate destination minutes before “The Decision” in the summer of 2010. Now here’s ESPN’s report from Broussard (with the relevant part below transcribed by way of Pro Basketball Talk)


Over All-Star weekend, I’m told by a person with knowledge of the conversation, that Joakim Noah recruited Carmelo.

Now, you’ll probably hear denials out of Chicago if they talk about it, because it would be tampering, officially.

But I’m told that Joakim said to Melo, “Look, you can go to Los Angeles. But if you want to win a ring, if you want your legacy to be about winning, come to Chicago.”

Melo, I’m told, said, “Look, I’ve been watching you guys. I admire how hard you play. I admire how hungry you are. Oh, and by the way, my son’s favorite player: Derrick Rose.”

So, not only is the veracity of Broussard’s source in doubt (as all unnamed sources have to be), but the telephone game third-hand reveal of the illegal conversation that took place between ‘Melo and Noah doesn’t even provide a definitive answer as to where ‘Melo is going. We didn’t think the hype surrounding LeBron’s free agency and then Dwight Howard‘s could be outdone, but the conjectural reasoning predicting ‘Melo’s future is shattering previous records for overexposed rumormongering.


Do you believe Broussard’s report?

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