Report: Kings May Be Looking To Trade Tyreke Evans

It’s wasn’t long ago that Tyreke Evans had billboards in Sacramento, historic-level statlines and appearances in national magazines (like ahem, this one). He’s always been one of my favorite players, and was the subject of my first major NBA feature in this magazine. His crew and his handlers spent an entire childhood molding Evans into a future superstar, and for years, his destiny didn’t appear as anything other than preordained. Two summers ago while I writing about Evans, everyone associated with him wasn’t thinking All-Star Games or All-NBA Teams. It was about MVPs, and whether Evans could get there soon enough. Almost tragically, he hasn’t been the same since, and now there are reports from Sacramento saying the Kings may be looking to trade him.

HOOPSWORLD has already reported that Toronto is very intrigued with Evans. Golden State is on the market for a new small forward as well, as are a number of other mid-level teams. As a rookie, Evans was incredible, averaging 20.1 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.8 assists. He even garnered a few LeBron James comparisons. But in the two years since, his minutes have dipped, as has his production and aggressiveness. Now DeMarcus Cousins is considered the team’s future.

Evans is eligible for a contract extension this summer, but he doesn’t appear likely to get it from the Kings. Crazy when you think that just two years ago, Sacramento would’ve locked him up for life if they could’ve. Instead, Evans has become their best trade chip.

Sacramento also has the No. 5 selection, and along with their 6-6 point guard/small forward, those are two pretty big pieces to play with if the Kings do decide to go that route.

Still, Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee tweeted this earlier today: “Hearing Tyreke Evans is working out w/ Petrie. Doesn’t sound like actions of someone Petrie is trying to trade. Hear Reke is in good shape.”

I’m hopeful Evans can reclaim his spot amongst the best young players in the league. But whether or not that happens under Sacramento’s watch is another story.

Should the Kings deal Evans?

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