Report: Lamar Odom ‘Desperately’ Wants To Come Back To The Lakers

05.30.12 7 years ago

Would you ever take back an ex-lover? Lamar Odom appears like he wants to. Odom’s entire season went up in flames once he discovered his beloved Lakers were shopping him, and when the Lakers actually did agree to ship him out – only to have the trade voided – Odom was extremely emotional. To avoid any potential problems, L.A. traded him to Dallas almost immediately for virtually nothing. The Lakers didn’t win a championship without him, but it’s safe to say Odom got the short end of the stick, going to Dallas and flaming out memorably. With the Mavs virtually guaranteed to get rid of him, no one’s future is more cloudy than the Goods.

So what do we know about Odom? He won’t do well in any place that doesn’t have a beach. He loves Miami, New York and L.A. He’s come back to the Lakers before for less money. And the man doesn’t seem like the type to hold grudges. Stephen A. Smith recently spoke on ESPN Radio about the prospect of the former Sixth Man of the Year returning to the Lakers:

“(Odom) desperately wants to come back and wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Mike Brown desperately wants him back. He’s going to talk to Buss and Lakers hierarchy to see what they can do about getting Lamar Odom back.”

Odom would have to take a major pay cut to come back to Los Angeles. But realistically, he’s going to take a pay cut no matter where he goes (especially if he decides a beach is a necessity). Recently, he was linked to the Knicks, with one source saying a return home to New York City was top priority on his destination list. But the Knicks are just as financially strapped as the Lakers are. I get the feeling money might not be the ultimate deciding factor for Odom.

Meanwhile, the Lakers seem poised to trade away Pau Gasol. If they do, a return of Odom could help ease the pain of losing one of the most versatile big men in the league.

via Lakers Nation

Should the Lakers try to bring him back?

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