Report: Ray Allen’s Agent Denies Cavs Story, Says Allen Still May Retire

On Saturday, we relayed the report Ray Allen had decided to forestall his retirement and a future plaque in Springfield to play next season. Former Heat mate LeBron James and the new-look Cavs were supposed to be frontrunners to land his shooting services. Except, in an email to reporters, Allen’s agent, Jim Tanner, denies the story and says Allen is still undecided on his future.

On Saturday, ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that Allen had been telling those close to him he had decided to play next season, and he was probably going to join forces with LBJ in Cleveland.

Not so, says his agent:




While Allen takes his time on deciding to return for what would be his nineteenth year in the NBA, the Cavs have continued to work at building a championship contender around LeBron James. While a 39-year-old guard might not sound like a crucial component for those title aims, anyone who’s watched that pretty jumper of his over the millennium knows better.

The Cavs will have an embarrassment of riches once the purported Kevin Love trade goes through later this month, adding the 25-year-old all-star to a team that also picked up shooting specialists James Jones and Mike Miller. While they’re already pretty stacked from deep, Allen is the godfather of the three-point shot, hitting more from beyond the arc than any player in NBA history. He’s earned the right to take his time deciding, and we’ll know soon whether he’s coming back, and if he does, whether he’ll team up with ‘Bron for one more chance at a ring.

Will Allen come back and play with the Cavs?

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