Rewatch The Final 1:08 Of OKC’s Incredible Game 5 Comeback

Hopefully no one turned off the OKC/Clippers game last night. I nearly did. Sent a text to my boys saying the series was over. Had my hand on the remote. Channel guide up. But for some reason, I didn’t act. Thank the basketball gods for that one. If you did miss the finish, here’s your chance to see the final 68 seconds of game time. Up seven with under 50 seconds to play, the Clippers somehow chocked it all away.

Game 5 culminated in one of the most unbelievable postseason finishes I’ve ever seen. You had multiple blown calls. Kevin Durant made a rainbow 26-footer. Chris Paul broke down in a way I’ve never seen from him. There were turnovers, clutch foul shots, bad offense, bailouts and blowups, the dumbest 3-on-1 fast break ever… and all of it to finish a game that might end up deciding the Western Conference title. (The Spurs will, obviously, have something to say about that.)

Whether you thought this was a mental breakdown by the Clippers, one of the worst collapses in NBA history, or just an incredible finish by two spectacular OKC players, you need to watch it again.


What did you think about this finish?

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