Richard Jefferson Is Allegedly The Reason Steph Curry Got Fined In Last Year’s Finals

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Last weekend, members of the NBA’s greatest modern rivalry laid down their arms in order to attend a mutual friend’s wedding. Not only were Steph Curry, Andre Iguodala, and mortal enemy Richard Jefferson all in attendance for Kent Bazemore’s nuptials; they were hilariously all seated at the same table. Social media gold is what ensued.

Throughout the evening, Jefferson posted several Snapchat videos of the three of them engaging in some good-natured trash talk, with Jefferson astutely pointing out that he wasn’t a member of the Cavs team that lost the 2015 title and therefore has a tidy 1-1 record against Golden State in the Finals.

But on a recent episode of his popular “Road Trippin'” podcast, RJ offered a few more juicy tidbits from their conversations at Baze’s wedding, namely that Curry admitted Jefferson responsible for him getting ejected and fined in last year’s Finals.

“So, I see Steph at the wedding this weekend, and we’re laughing and joking and talking. We were smoking cigars. We were talking back and forth about just the game, and I was like ‘oh yeah, my goal was to f*ck you up every single time. Every time you walked by me, I was trying to f*ck you up. And he was like ‘I was so pissed off. You don’t understand, Richard. You’re the reason why I threw my mouthpiece. Cuz that sh*t f*cking hurt.”

That last part was a reference to when Jefferson hip-checked Curry earlier in that Game 6 loss and the subsequent frustration that led to Curry to fouling out and ultimately getting ejected for hurtling his mouthpiece into the stands. It’s an excellent peak behind the curtain of the former teammates turned rivals.

The rest of the pod is worth a listen too, as it features the always-candid and entertaining Robert “Big Shot Rob” Horry, who dished on a variety of topics.