Video: Lucky Genius Ricky Rubio Saves Ball With Pinpoint Behind-Back Pass For Layup

If this pass were made by most any other player, we’d attribute its success to happy coincidence. But the basketball genius of Ricky Rubio makes us believe in the miraculous.

Plus, check out the location on this no-look, behind-the-back save: pinpoint accuracy! It’s almost like a streaking Thaddeus Young knew it was coming. It’s safe to say that Andrew Wiggins thinks Rubio’s dime was wholly intentional, too:

But not even the Spanish maestro could lead the ‘Wolves to a win over the league-leading Golden State Warriors. Rubio had 19 points, nine rebounds, and five assists – including this “lucky” one, of course – during his team’s 94-91 loss to the ‘Dubs.

(Vine via Zach Harper)