Ricky Rubio Not Gone Yet – What Will Happen/What Should Happen

07.03.09 10 years ago 30 Comments

Today’s Smack dropped the “Out like Rubio”. Well, maybe not. The report that Ricky Rubio was officially headed back to Spain appears to be more of a rumor than a report. Team Rubio is insisting that no decision has been made.

Here are what seems to be Rubio’s options:

1. Continue to sue his Spanish team in hope of a lower buyout and sign with the Timberwolves now.

2. Drop the lawsuit and return to Spain to fulfill his contract.

3. Continue to negotiate a buyout in Europe and sign with a different Euroleague squad.

4. Force the Wolves to trade his rights (and continue negotiating the buyout).

5. Sit out one full year of basketball and re-enter the draft (yes that is a real option).

What do you think WILL happen and what do you think SHOULD happen?

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