Ricky Rubio Not Gone Yet – What Will Happen/What Should Happen

07.03.09 9 years ago 30 Comments

Today’s Smack dropped the “Out like Rubio”. Well, maybe not. The report that Ricky Rubio was officially headed back to Spain appears to be more of a rumor than a report. Team Rubio is insisting that no decision has been made.

Here are what seems to be Rubio’s options:

1. Continue to sue his Spanish team in hope of a lower buyout and sign with the Timberwolves now.

2. Drop the lawsuit and return to Spain to fulfill his contract.

3. Continue to negotiate a buyout in Europe and sign with a different Euroleague squad.

4. Force the Wolves to trade his rights (and continue negotiating the buyout).

5. Sit out one full year of basketball and re-enter the draft (yes that is a real option).

What do you think WILL happen and what do you think SHOULD happen?

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