Rihanna Fires Back At Matt Barnes On Instagram After He Suggests They’re Dating

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At first, we almost felt bad for Matt Barnes. The Memphis Grizzlies wing certainly hasn’t confirmed that he’s dating Rihanna, and even goes so far as to say that she’s only his “friend.” But given the “Bitch Better Have My Money” superstar’s very public reaction to his suggestive remarks, it’s pretty clear that Barnes crossed the line of relationship etiquette in the video above.

Mere hours after TMZ caught up with the 35-year-old veteran, Rihanna took to Instagram to clarify the real state of her relationship with him – or lack thereof.

“This actually hurt my feelings.”

Yikes. And there goes any chance of us empathizing with one of basketball’s most nefarious instigators. In fact, what’s the only thing less likely than the public siding with Barnes here? By the looks of it, his odds of ever actually dating Rihanna.

Needless to say, Barnes is better off sticking to trash talk with NBA peers than trying to cultivate a relationship with music’s most eligible bachelorette. It will be amusing to see how this turn of events effects him on the court in 2015-2016, too. Remember when Khris Humphries was widely mocked by league followers for his failed marriage to Kim Kardashian?

Considering Rihanna’s feelings were hurt by his brazen, wholly inaccurate comments, we’re definitely hoping opposing fans remember Barnes’ misstep next season.

[Via TMZ, via Rihanna]