Riley Curry Gave A High School Kid The Thrill Of His Life With A Dab-Off

We haven’t heard from Riley Curry, the cool and beguiling child of Steph Curry, in quite a while. And that’s fine — she’s a child, and deserves to have a normal life away from the spotlight, or as close as you can get to that while being a famous offspring of a megastar athlete. But she has re-entered our lives because she won’t stop doing dope stuff, like taking on a high school student in a dab-off in the middle of a basketball game.

The basketball game in question was at Curry’s alma mater, Charlotte Christian High School in North Carolina, which was retiring his number. It’s a special moment, one that Steph wanted his family there for, but a high school game is long, with hours of stuff that had nothing to do with Riley’s dad. So she amused herself by dabbing it up with Charlotte Christian student Thomas Maye, which must have been a special moment for him.

Props to Maye’s friend for the solid “Thomas is the new babysitter for the Curry’s” line, because for a couple of moments there, he was. Ayesha could check her phone, because for one blessed moment, Riley was occupied by a random, dabbing high schooler.