Riley Curry Isn’t On Twitter, But That’s Not Stopping People From Tweeting Mean Things At Her

Twitter is like an ink blot; you can look at it and see just about anything.

Some people see a platform that allows for an unfiltered exchange of ideas between people that otherwise would never interact. It can provide important information in times of crisis and function as a support group for marginalized people all around the planet that otherwise may feel alone in their struggle.

Then again, it can also be a sounding board for the most ignorant among us. It can serve as a vehicle for mouth-breathing morons to spew hate at anyone who has a different worldview than you. It pulls back the curtain on just how stupid — and sometimes mean — the average person can be when sitting in front of a keyboard.

That brings us to Riley Curry.

Over the past two years, we have gotten to know Riley, the adorable daughter of Stephen and Ayesha Curry. She has a penchant for interrupting press conferences and angering journalists desperate for platitudes after games. She exploded onto the scene as a 2-year-old during last year’s NBA playoffs and as of today, she may be the world’s most famous 3-year-old.

While that’s great for Riley Curry, the child, it’s a social media problem for Riley Curry, the 29-year-old man in Nashville that endures all sorts of nonsense in his Twitter mentions, as people tag him on tweets meant for the very popular toddler.

To adult man Riley Curry’s credit, he’s not very active on Twitter. Since joining in August 2011, he has tweeted just 163 times. He was tweeting before child Riley Curry was even born, so there’s no way he could have been prepared for his mentions to turn into a tire fire during the past two years.

In the name of investigative journalism, I decided to see just how rough his mentions get. Are people really saying horrible things to a child? Do people really think that a 3-year-old is using Twitter? What have adult man Riley Curry’s mentions looked like since child Riley Curry became a star in 2015?

After digging through a year’s worth of replies to adult man Riley Curry, here are some of the highlights.

It’s not all bad, all the time. This nice woman in England feels that Riley Curry is so adorable that she wants to have a bunch of babies. Although, maybe she’s a fan of adult man Riley Curry and this is her way of flirting? No, it’s the first one. People think the toddler uses Twitter.

It’s June 7, 2015. Adult man Riley Curry is on his porch, playing his guitar on a warm summer night when his phone notifies him that he’s been mentioned on Twitter. Why is Tenzin Lhabu telling me to shut up? Is he nearby? Can he hear me? … Oh, he’s telling a 2-year-old to shut her mouth. Twitter!

That’s Bengals running back and fumble machine Jeremy Hill dropping the ball on social media. Thats a different Riley Curry, Jeremy.

It’s Christmas. It’s 4:48. Twitter is quiet. Eric will change that. How? By cc’ing what he thinks is a child on a Christmas Day tweet to let child Riley Curry know that Santa Claus isn’t a real. Does it matter that she can’t read yet? Not to Eric.

See? It’s not all bad. Sure, it’s Congrats Twitter for a child who isn’t using Twitter, but at least she’s not tweeting at what she thinks is a kid to tell her that her parents will stop loving her with a second kid in the house.

Here’s a guy with “trump” in his Twitter handle cursing at what he thinks is a child.

This is Sean. Hi, Sean. Sean is mad online that a 3-year-old wants attention and he is tweeting about it.

Ah, Twitter. It’s a beautiful garbage fire.